Back to the Basics: Incandescent vs LED

Back to the Basics: Incandescent vs LED
We’ve come a long way from the days of blowing out all the breakers in the house and seemingly endless amounts of cords since LED was introduced to the market. But there are those that prefer the classic warmth that only Edison-style filament bulbs can provide. It is tough to distinguish between LED projects and Incandescent, but for a few, it means the world of difference.
For most, LED offers savings on power consumption by using 8-10 times less energy per bulb. They are easy to use on a large scale trees or shrubs because many more strands can be connected end-to-end with LED than with its counterpart. They also are made of acrylic rather than glass to prevent the casing from breaking and leaving glass in your yard. Finally, the LED diodes will last you years longer than a standard filament bulb. Although it may seem the benefits are highly stacked in LED’s favors, it does come at a price by being almost 4 times more expensive for product than related incandescent products.
Thus those that would prefer an easier lighting experience with less power consumption would want to use LED. Those that are daring enough to manage the power requirements and the temperamental nature of Incandescent systems, will enjoy a truly classic glow around their home.
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