Building a Business that patrons can rely on

Building a Business that patrons can rely on

Our parent company, Kaylor Landscape Inc. was started in 1974, and after 44 years of fantastic support to it's clients and associates, it has built a advertising-free organization that works solely on word of mouth. Another subsidiary, Christmas Decor of California,  was also introduced to California's Central Valley in 1999 and has become THE decorating company of choice in the area. The experience gained in the legacy of working with/for others' ideas and bringing them to life is what spawned the operations here at Frosty's. We come from a long line of customer service and realized we could better serve our Christmas clientele by directly offering them the same materials that we pros use; Gigantic or technological, we want to make it a reality at your home or business.

It takes a lot to run a seasonal business... You change from bored to busy very quickly, and just as fast, the season is over. One day you are vacationing away labor day, and the next, it feels like New Years. Although, our season doesn't end there. It is still another month before all the lights come down and are buttoned up in their cozy storage spaces here at HQ. 

As we sit here in record breaking June temperatures building this very site, we are reminded that we came from a result of a TON of work laid down before us. The mere opportunity to bring Frosty's product line to the world is an honor and we hope that we too can maintain your continuing business for another four decades.

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